Provolve ARK Delegate Proposal

Our Proposal

Established in 2004, Provolve is used to successfully delivering large projects in pressured environments.

Being an active, forging delegate will be treated just like any other of our projects and delivered in a scalable, reliable and professional manner.

We have the resources and the skills to ensure that you receive the maximum returns that any delegate could offer.

As such we pledge :

100% profit share for the first 3 months. We are returning ALL rewards back to you.

True Block Weight calculations. Rewards for every block we produce are split according to the vote weight for each voter, ensuring the fairest possible distribution of funds.

200 ARK awarded to one of the early voters selected at random at the end of the first month of us forging.

Choose your own payment frequency.

Reimbursal of the Voters fee after the first month/

Encouraging people to vote even though they may see no immediate returns means potential delegates have to be competitive and that a voter's loyalty and trust HAS to be rewarded ...

We know our approval rating will be so high that voters will remain with us after the first 3 months thus enabling us to drop the profit share by an estimated 5%.

Transparency is at the forefront of this project: over the next few weeks our website will be updated regularly and you can follow our journey up the rankings on our statistics page.

Voters have access an administrative area of the website where they will be able to choose their payment terms and frequency and also be notified of changes to our strategies and newly released functionality.