Provolve and the ARK Ecosystem

As part of Provolve's continued committment to progress, we have been investigating the possible usages of crypto currencies and block chain technologies within the supply chain. The ARK Ecosystem is highly flexible, adaptable, scalable and secure. This block chain technology with fast transaction times, a fantastic team and an ambitious but deliverable Roadmap. We firmly believe that ARK will shape the future of crypto and, as such, we are in the process of building solutions based on this platform.

Running An ARK Node

We are happy to announce that Provolve's ARK Node is now operational and we are campaigning to become one of the top 51 delegates in the ARK Ecosystem.

We believe it is our duty to promote this technology, which is quickly becoming the foundation for many of our solutions. By running our own node, we are able to help confirm trasnsactions and keep the network secure.

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Our Roadmap

We are firm believers that innovation breeds innovation. Our end goals are clear and by using the innovative ARK Ecosystem, we are confident we can deliver cutting-edge innovative solutions to our customers at every link in the supply chain.

Managing Our ARK Node

Like ARK, our node is scalable, secure and reliable. We will devote time and resources to ensuring that we are the most reliable delegate in the network. Once we are in the top 51 delegates, we will be able to start forging new ARK coins, 98% of which will be passed back to our voters as a reward on a 3 day payment schedule.

ERP Integrations

Work is now underway to integrate ARK payments into some of the major Open Source ERP platforms including Apache Open For Business, Opentaps, Odoo and Moqui.

This will widen exposure with both retailers and customers and help promote the technology as a pure currency, used to buy goods and services.

The Future...

As ARK Core V2 is released and their roadmap comes to fruition, smart contracts will be implemented in the ecosystem.

Provolve will be helping our customers implement air, sea and road freight solutions using these smart contracts.

Read the ARK Roadmap